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November 2022 Transit Highlights

“We plant seeds that will flower as results in our lives, so it is best to remove the weeds of anger, avarice, envy, and doubt."

~ Dorothy Day ~

Ascendant - Gemini 24° Sun - Scorpio 16° Moon - Taurus 12° Midheaven - Aquarius 29°

In November, we are faced with the task of finding new or better ways to handle conflict and challenges. Scorpio season amplifies and raises the stakes. This is extreme celestial energy that invites us to dig deep and not run away from or be afraid of what we find or what is revealed to us. Moving out of October, The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all transiting Scorpio for the first two weeks of the month. This means that themes around ego, individuality, communication, mentality, as well as relationships and intimacy are all coming up at this time. How we decide to handle the energy will make a difference in the outcome. A question to reflect on throughout November, is "What is more important to me, my mental health or social acceptance?" By November 8th, we will have the lunar eclipse on Election Day. It is a strong chance this energy will intensify tension on the world stage, as well as on the personal front. Conflict around how we are handling being comfortable versus real change and inner happiness is coming up. What may feel difficult now is sure to bring rich rewards later down the road.

Continue reading on to learn about a few upcoming transits during the month of November...

Venus conjunct South Node in Scorpio - 13°

Wednesday, November 2 @ 6:54pm EST

The planet of relationships both around intimacy and finances will be in Scorpio and conjunct the South Node on November 2nd. In Astrology the South Node deals with the past and represents the lessons we have mastered, as well as ones we may need to let go of or move away from. This configuration is teaching us we can let go of the past while also being present and focusing on the here and now. It is important to understand the South Node is just as important as the North Node and before we can grow to advanced levels we must master the fundamentals. In Scorpio, these fundamentals can be extreme emotions, intuition vs paranoia, and a healthy balance between our sense of emotional strength and things out of our control. Our relationship dynamics should be a source of strength and renewal. We are allowed to drop the dead weight of the past and embrace a more sustainable approach to our relationships.

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct South Node in Scorpio - 13°

Sunday, November 6 @ 1:10pm EST

Mercury in Scorpio can be said to represent the archetype of the investigator. As with all astrological lessons we are presented with a productive or destructive option. With Mercury conjunct with the South Node, our thinking patterns and thoughts could cause self-sabotaging behavior. No matter how much conviction we may feel around our beliefs and opinions, we will benefit better by thinking carefully and responsibly. The positive thing about this aspect is that it may boost our intelligence and focus on details as well as the bigger picture. We may enjoy searching for things we are curious about and also yield some kind of results due to the energies of Scorpio and Taurus. Whatever we focus on right now could have lasting effects. On the negative side, it is a chance we could waste this productive energy if we are not careful. We could feel overstimulated mentally which can lead to frustration. By not overthinking and instead pacing ourselves we can overcome this potential downside.

Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune Rx in Pisces - 22°

Monday, November 14 @ 10:43pm EST

The Sun and Neptune are two different energies. The Sun is hot and all about action and being present. Neptune's energy on the other hand is more distant and kind of vague or confusing. Any time the Sun and Neptune form aspects together, we can expect to feel inspired, but also may struggle to concentrate on the steps needed to fulfill the inspiration. Emotions will be running high at this time because both the Sun and Neptune are in water signs. We must guard against confusing our fears, with spiritual insight and intuition. During this transit, natives of all signs tend to be more sensitive to their surroundings and empathetic. We may feel the need to help others and express ourselves in some humanitarian or compassionate way. People may seem wiser than usual and aware of their place in society. Interest in all things art, entertainment, and music is highlighted as well as intimacy and romance.

Venus enters Sagittarius

November 16, 2022 - December 9, 2022

Sagittarius is a fire and mutable sign. It is the sign of adventure and truth. Venus, in this sign, would bring an interest in exploring new people, places & cultures. Venus is considered one of the more positive planets and in the sign of Sagittarius, this energy can produce positive thoughts and acts. This transit is the ideal time to start seeing love in all of life. This is also the right time to experience exciting things. On the flip side, this transit may at times cause us to become more exaggerated and go overboard. Big plans require small but important details. The key to Venus in Sagittarius is all about paying attention to all that is happening. We may not want to think about things carefully at this time, but doing so will have far-reaching effects on our goals down the road. While we maintain our composure we can also relax with friends & family and enjoy the good energy surrounding us during this 3-week transit.

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  • Nov 23 - New Moon in Sagittarius

  • Nov 23 - Jupiter stations Direct in Pisces

  • Nov 28 - Mars Rx in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius

  • Nov 29 - Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Mars Rx in Gemini

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