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October 2022 Astrology Transit Highlights

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"

Charles Bukowski ~ Ascendant - Taurus 7° Sun - Leo 23° Moon - Virgo 29°

The month October is named after the Latin word "Octo" which means eight. The number 8 is said to be associated with wealth, peace, fertility and prosperity. Also, we know Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign which begins at the end of October. No wonder we say October is the month of the harvest, and farmers gather and collect their food and resources during this time. The energies of Libra and Scorpio reflect the importance of relating with ourselves and others. We are reminded of our intimate connection to the universe during this time. When we harvest our inner resources, we not only become more stable and whole, but we also exude an inner strength that our community can connect to.

Continue reading on to learn about a few upcoming transits during the month of October...

Mars in Gemini square Neptune Rx in Pisces 23° - October 12

Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs. This means that the energy is inclined to be changeable and adaptable. With all things balance is key, because too much of it, can bring unpredictability and lack of follow through. However, Mars the ruler of willpower and assertiveness and Neptune the ruler of our fantasies and dreams are combining to remind us we have the power to speak and communicate not only our thoughts but also our desires and dreams. The square aspect in astrology tends to get a bad rep, because we often associate negativity with tension and conflict. It is true conflict can be challenging, yet all things of value in our reality has come through some form of conflict and adversity. Mars in Gemini will benefit from the retrograde energy of Neptune. We are being challenged to think things through more. Consider and weigh all options, what are the pros and cons? How can I re-think and or re-organize my relationship with my mind and communication with my dreams goals and desires? The downside to this transit can range from overthinking to mental frustration and confusion. We could get so caught up in our minds we forget the old saying - "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Sun in Libra trine Mars in Gemini 24° - October 17

The elements Air and Fire play a fundamental role in how we express ourselves. Fire rules individual expression of the Self, the Ego. Air has more of a universal and communicative expression to it where it reflects the mind of the individual and society at large. With the Sun in Libra trine to Mars in Gemini we can expect all forms of art and expression to be enhanced creatively. This is an artistic aspect. Both the Sun and Mars represent the fire principal and at their best, these two are all about action, leadership, pioneering and breaking ground. Forging the life ahead. Also at this time, Saturn the ruler of discipline and career is in Aquarius, so the air element energy is in full activation right now. There could be some form of contradiction, specifically mentally due to the restrictive nature of Saturn on the natural get up and go energy of the Sun and Mars. At the same time this could also improve discipline, willpower, and the sheer passion to go after what we want. When Saturn aspects other planets we are always presented with the choice to either buckle under the influence or rise above the challenge and increase our sense of authority and purpose.

Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 26° - October 20

Towards the end of October, Venus will square Pluto and this will signal a time of intensity within relationships of all kinds including family and business. Relationships and emotions can be a true task of a lifetime, and there is no right or wrong answer to the challenges that come up. No matter which other planet or point in the chart it is, Pluto amplifies and "blows up" the energy involved. Power struggles, fears, insecurities, and past trauma can all come up at this time. However, passionate intimacy, deeper connections, emotional bonding, and strengthened stability are also possible. It is easy to sit in our ego and attack and defend ourselves. It is more satisfying and healing to embrace differences and truly seek to forge common ground in our relationships. If we can manage to filter our powerful emotions through the realm of logic and reason then we will pass the tests of this transit with flying colors. If we succumb to manipulation, and petty conflicts and seek to overbear our partners then we could end up disappointed and left with intense feelings of regret.

Jupiter Rx re-enters Pisces 29° - October 28

Jupiter the planet of hope, wisdom, expansion and philosophy is returning to Pisces just as we are moving into Scorpio season. One of the major functions of this planet is triggering us to take responsible leaps of faith towards the things we deeply desire in our lives. Many astrologers refer to this transit as a "beneficial time" as we are inclined to have major breakthroughs in the collective conscious and also on personal levels if we answer the call to trust and have faith in the process. Feeling optimistic can seem like a luxury at this time. The world has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is social tension and upheaval across Europe with conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Inflation is lingering over the heads of Americans as the holiday season approaches. And world leadership approval is at an all-time low. This transit comes in at the perfect time to remind us that the power to improve our lives has always been up to us and though challenging, by dissolving our differences and learning to come together we strengthen our numbers, and resources and improve our lives. We are coming to an end of a cosmic cycle and tomorrow brings change and hope. When Pluto enters Aquarius in March of 2023, Jupiter will be in Aries. Both Aries and Aquarius deal with social change and the drive to improve our leadership as a people. For now, Jupiter re-entering Pisces is prompting us to reflect on our lessons, the wins, and the losses - moving forward with the wisdom of experience and compassion for others.

Check out the other transits we reported on during our September Monthly Community Check-In class!

  • Oct 01 - Venus in Libra opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries

  • Oct 02 - Mercury stations direct in Virgo

  • Oct 08 - Pluto stations direct in Capricorn

  • Oct 09 - Full Moon in Aries

  • Oct 10 - Mercury re-enters Libra

  • Oct 12 - Mars in Gemini square Neptune Rx in Pisces *blog*

  • Oct 14 - Venus in Libra trine Saturn Rx in Aquarius 

  • Oct 17 - Sun in Libra trine Mars in Gemini *blog*

  • Oct 19 - Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

  • Oct 20 - Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn *blog*

  • Oct 23 - Sun and Venus enters Scorpio

  • Oct 23 - Saturn stations Direct in Aquarius

  • Oct 25 - Partial (New Moon) Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

  • Oct 28 - Jupiter Rx re-enters Pisces *blog*

  • Oct 29 -  Mercury enters Scorpio

  • Oct 30 - Mars in Gemini stations Retrograde

Join our membership today to watch the recording of this class to learn more about all these upcoming transits!

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