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Riding With the Sun

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Sun through the Zodiac

A Hero's Tale...

"The Sun is the heart of our solar system. It is the source of all light, energy, and life in our universe, and likewise, the Sun in an astrological chart is the source of all energy, health, and vitality. We are able to see the other planets in the solar system because they reflect the light of the Sun. In the same way, in our charts the Sun is our fundamental life force. The Sun is our vitality; when our Sun is strong and well cared for, we are full of strength and energy. When we do not "feed" our Suns, we grow weak, lethargic, and depressed."

"The Sun represents how we want to be a hero, and the archetypal journey of the Sun is the hero's journey. The hero is born at sunrise, when the Sun is on the Ascendant in the chart, and sets out in the world. In the outside world, he brings order out of chaos through the use of his will at midday, when the Sun is on the Midheaven of the chart. He undergoes trials to prove his strength and worthiness, and ultimately dies at Sunset, when the Sun is on the Descendant. He descends into the underworld and proves his right to be reborn at midnight, when the Sun is on the Imum Coeli in the chart. Then the hero prepares to be reborn again at the next sunrise. The Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and Imum Coeli are the four angles of the chart."

- Kevin Burk "Understanding The Birth Chart (Astrology)", A Comprehensive Guide to Classical Interpretation

​It makes sense that our ancestors would assign the human heart to the zodiac sign Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The human heart provides blood and circulation throughout the body like an organic engine.​ In the exact same way (As above, so below) the Sun generates all the energy and light that is needed to provide the life (light) of our solar system, and the order (gravity, orbit) necessary to sustain life. It is the Sun's annual travel plans that provide the foundation of Astrology and also the most known aspect of it; the Sun signs of the Zodiac. When we embrace the idea that we are simply reflections of all that is greater then us (solar system, galaxy, universe), then we can without fear, find many relatable qualities between us as humans and how we behave, and the Sun/Planets of the solar system. This concept needs to look no further then the profound drive humans have always had to explore and travel to the unknown. This unknown ranges from traveling to unknown islands and living things on the Earth, to what lies beyond the solar system in deep space travel. In fact, with some places once we as humans have been there once, we might love it so much that we want to keep going back again, and again!

The Sun In The Preceding Image Is In A Fixed Position For The Purpose Of This Discussion. The Earth Orbits The Sun As Indicated By The Blue Circle With Dates Indicating Progress Through One Orbit Over The Course Of A Year. Consider The Earth’s Position On The Blue Circle On March 21st. When Viewed From The Earth On This Date, The Sun Appears In The Constellation Of Pisces. Now Consider The Earth’s Position Six Months Later On September 21st, And Trace A Line From The Earth Through The Sun To See That It Would Appear In The Constellation Of Virgo.

The Sun loves traveling through the Zodiac, just as Humans love traveling and road trips around the world...

Turns out the Sun enjoys taking frequent trips through the constellations of the Zodiac. In the same way people year after year travel to Florida for vacation in Orlando, to Italy to see the leaning Tower of Pisa, travel annually around the world to celebrate the oncoming new year or maybe even Egypt or Greece for a touch of the past. Maybe your not so out-going and eager to travel and explore - not everybody is. In some way though you do mirror the Sun within your own home. Whether you have a favorite chair you always find yourself returning back to for comfort, or maybe a specific cup of coffee that you may prefer to have each morning. In this way still, we can find the subtle dynamic between the Sun's habitual orbits, cycles, and annual movements through the Zodiac in relation to the way we humans behave here on Earth. This is one of the remarkable qualities about allows us to extend our family cell to the edges of our solar system. Held together by the father and the trip host, the Sun is the ultimate driver of all that exists within its reach.

The Sun never travels alone!

The moment you think of an awesome road trip, for many the second or third thought will be about who wants to go with me? Intake the rest of the planets of the solar system. The Sun has some pretty awesome traveling buddies and when these celestial friends come together - you can bet its going to be an amazing trip indeed. Here we can take the concept a step further and look at our relationships with our friends and loved ones, in how traveling with them seems to produce two of extremes within the trip; it will either be a positive and amazing experience...or a regretful and painful one with which one could only wish to have the power to erase the memories of them. In this way, we can see how when the Sun makes its annual trips through the zodiac signs, along with his family and friends (planets) these trips have an unpredictable quality to them and things could truly go either way - a lot like our own trips.

Above is the annual road trips the Sun takes through his favorite places; the Zodiac constellations.. You'll notice he feels differently with each trip, and to the far right we find who the Sun is "closest" with during the time of the road trip. The ruling planet of each Zodiac sign work together with the Sun as a "Co-Trip Planner". While the others are riding and still enjoy the benefits of going. The ruling planet gets to sit shotgun and call the shots with the Sun during the trip. ​

To learn more about the Sun's journey through each element, check out Part II for Fire & Earth signs and Part III for Air & Water signs.

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