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September 2022 Astrology Transit Highlights

"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change there future by merely changing their attitude."

Oprah Winfrey ~ Ascendant - Sagittarius 29° Sun - Aquarius 09° Moon - Sagittarius 04°

With the Summer coming to a close, we move into the season of Fall this month. September is set to be a month highlighting the themes of communication, service, daily routine, money, partnerships and heightened emotions. The Zodiac Signs of Aries, Virgo, Libra and Pisces are specifically influencing the transits and energy right now, which speaks to the themes of individual awareness, work/career, relationships and collective emotions. We will have the option to either remain the same, which most likely limits ourselves from growth, or we can embrace change as it comes and focus our energy into growing past our personal fears and limitations. Continue reading on to learn more about some of our highlighted transits for this month and how you can tap into the energy of change.

Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries - September 2

September begins with the exciting transit of Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Regardless of zodiac sign, when Mercury and Jupiter get together we can expect big ideas and inspired communication. But because it is Aries and Libra involved, we may experience these energies directly within the realm of ourselves and our relationships. If we look at these two areas of our lives as energy, then what big ideas and or plans can we implement to improve them? In what way can seeing the bigger picture help? Is there room for improvement in my relationships? These are some key questions to ask ourselves when it comes to gaining the most from this potent energy. Jupiter retrograde makes us think a bit harder, and its right on time with the Sun in Virgo, the sign of details.

Full Moon in Pisces - September 10

Pisces represents endings and preparation for new beginnings. The full moon phase is about illumination and shining a bright light on all that is. With these two celestial forces coming together, we may become more imaginative and maybe even psychic and or a boost to our intuitive nature. This can serve us well during Virgo Season, because we will naturally feel a sense of letting go that we should follow. This letting go is specifically about us choosing ourselves. This doesn't mean at the expense of anyone outside ourselves - instead its about the process of showing ourselves compassion and acceptance. Then we can show it to others especially those close to us. If Virgo is the detailed perfectionist, then its opposite sign balances this ideology with emotional realism and compassion. It can be difficult to have self-compassion when we are always focused on organizing, refining and editing. When we view life in this way we are rarely satisfied and we can always find "something wrong" This full moon is here to remind us that it is not only ok to make mistakes, but humanity is flawed and imperfect. It is the acceptance of this vulnerable fact, that we can embrace true spirituality.

Join us for our Pisces Full Moon Flow (yoga practice & astrology forecast)

*Saturday, September 10 @ 7pm EST*

Sun in Libra - Fall Equinox - September 22

The Fall Equinox and the Sun entering Libra are the perfect parallel for this time of year. A strong sense of balance and reflection emerges. Nature seeks to balance itself as the climate energy shifts and makes way for a new cycle in few months time. In Astrology the Sun is considered to be in its "Fall" which may seem to suggest a weakness. However, we all have experienced the importance of balance in our lives especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Symbolically, both Libra and the Fall reminds us of this. If we are imbalanced then our relationships and partnerships may be imbalanced, as well. If we are prepared during the Spring and the Summer for the coming Fall and Winter, then we will be ready for the changes instead of trying to catch up or work even harder.

New Moon in Libra - September 25

The New Moon lunar cycle is always about beginning something new. Libra energy in the New Moon cycle is calling us to honor our inner child and what that means for us in terms of stability, healthy self-outlook, and so much more. New Moon phases are important because when we remember change is the only constant, renewal becomes refreshing. Because Libra is an air sign, communication is important and in the case of the New Moon this is healthy "fair" communication with Self and with others. Healthy communication is not easy and requires deliberate conscious awareness for it to become effective. This New Moon we can call upon our powers of balance, reason and observation to truly put our best foot forward to enhance our experience moving forward in our lives.

Join us for our Libra New Moon Meditation (setting intentions & meditation)

*Monday, September 26 @ 8pm EST*

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