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Venus, Relationships, Karma and Mutual Energy

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

One of the most important planets in Astrology is Venus. Everything in our lives that deals with relationships, finance, resources, attraction and the energy we both give and receive from loved ones and society at large, all fall under the influence of this planet. From humans to animals the energetic frequency of Venus, deeply influences our lives. Venus has an aura of mystery that is both rational yet contradicting. It is the energy within us all that defines how we see ourselves in the world and how we are received by the world. The principle of duality, is strong here, as its rulership includes the masculine sign Libra, and the feminine sign Taurus, and is exalted in Pisces (a dual sign).


Venus energy at its purest form produces

”Mutual Energy.” This occurs when two or more individuals are able to not only act and react with a strong rapport, but also sustain it. venus rules marriage, she co rules sports with Mars; Venus is the planet of teamwork. Venus also co rules partnerships and business relations of all kinds along with Saturn and Jupiter. But it is our personal relationships that this planets power comes through the most.



Mutual Energy is also represented in science. According to science Mutual Energy of Relative Motion takes places when two forms of energy interacts with the other and energy is “transferred”. Significant amounts of energy is transferred within our interpersonal and professional relationships. Karma is the energetic blueprint of this transferred energy among souls.

Astrology is the clarity that ties it all together. By understanding our Venus sign, house placement, and aspects this planet is making, we can better understand our sense of mutual energy and elevate our chances of maintaining it.

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