Join our local NJ community for Astro events & community hikes! Starting July 2022, all community events are *donation* based and will be donated to different organization that help support marginalized communities.


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Thank you to everyone who donated to our event, we raised $60 already for the Save the Children Fund! We have rescheduled the Astrology Jeopardy Event this month! Check out the details below to join us!
Astrology Jeopardy is a fun *virtual* community  event that helps to raise money for the Save the Children Fund while we play some astrology themed Jeopardy! Your astrologers CapriCora & BlackMoon will create different questions related to astrology and the participants will be split into two teams to discuss each question. The categories are Planets, Signs, Chart, History of Astrology, and Famous Astrologers. Teams will be put in breakout rooms after each question to discuss the answer. You may use each other, books, the internet, and/or social media to find the answers!

Date: Thursday, September 1
Time: 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Price: Donate $10 to join the game & get $10 off your next online class or reading!

Even if you can't join us for the actually jeopardy game, please feel free to donate by signing up below or sending a Venmo to
@Cora-Minadeo - We'll send you a coupon code either way!

2022 Astro Walk & Talk

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