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March 2022 Astrology Transit Highlights

"The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter" - Jen Selinsky

This upcoming month of March is *packed* with transits and shifting energy! One thing that always happens this month is the transition from winter to spring. Pisces season is a mutable sign, which highlights the changeable nature of this month. We see the changes in our weather and environment and we also see changes in our energy and activities. The Spring Equinox will mark the official end of winter and the beginning of spring, ushering in more sunlight and longer days. One thing is certain, is that winter is almost over and warmer days are coming! Continue reading for an astrological break down of the next month and find out how you can learn more about how these energies will affect you!

Pisces New Moon - March 2

This month begins with a fortunate New Moon in the ultra watery & compassionate sign of Pisces. This lunation is said to be especially *lucky* because of it's tight conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of joy & expansion! This is a wonderful time to set your intentions on your heart, your biggest dreams, and love for the collective. Some themes around the sign of Pisces include compassion, altruism, faith, spirituality, hidden/unseen, endings, escapism, fantasy, illusions, art & music. This New Moon is also compounded with the "lovers" Venus & Mars conjunction with Pluto, the planet of profound transformation. This indicates profound and deep transformations in our relationships, values, and action-plan for the future.

Pisces New Moon Rituals
  • Meditation, prayer, spiritual practice

  • Bath or extra long shower, connect with water element

  • Music, dance, art & creation

  • Cry and allow yourself to feel your feelings

  • Rest & sleep

  • Pay attention to your dreams

  • Set intentions & reflect on the last month

Venus & Mars ingress & conjunction in Aquarius - March 6

Over the last several weeks, the "lovers" Venus & Mars have been traveling side by side in the sign of Capricorn. Normally, Venus moves faster than Mars and this conjunction between the planets doesn't last very long, but because Venus has recently stationed direct, she's been moving relatively slower as she picks up moment and moves forward again. On March 6, these planets will both ingress into Aquarius and Venus will finally catch up to Mars and make another conjunction as she continues ahead at 0° Aquarius. This will be a powerful moment in our personal relationships, business, finance, and action steps forward.

Mars in Aquarius is cool, objective, and consistent in its action & drive. This transit will have us oriented towards the future, innovation, connection to our community and the world! We may be doing things differently or uniquely, forced to move outside of the box! Mars will be in Aquarius until April 14. Venus in Aquarius has us attracted to & valuing unique, different, and unconventional values or relationships. Our style may even reflect this “futuristic” and “original” sign. Our relationships might seem more detached or we might enjoy spending time with our friends or community. Venus will be in Aquarius until April 5.

CAUTION ⚠ Although there is a lot of good potential with these planets in Aquarius, we will also be noticing big changes & challenges arising and then simmering down throughout the month. Here are some dates that might strike particular tension or changes:

  • Venus square Uranus on March 19

  • Mars square Uranus on March 22

  • Venus conjunct Saturn on March 28

To discover what areas of life this could be affecting you, find Taurus & Aquarius in your chart, as well as Scorpio & Leo, to see where this energy is highly activated.

Virgo Full Moon - March 18

With a lot of emotional and dreamy vibes this month, we will be confronted with a test of practicality. The Virgo Full Moon will be a moment for us to bring our dreams into concrete reality. This Full Moon is supported by trine from Pluto & the North Node, meaning there will be a powerful transformative and fated quality to this lunation. There seems to be a balance between fortune & practical work involved here (Mercury conjoining Jupiter). While there is abundance available, we may need to do the mundane tasks, communication, and work to achieve the success.

Virgo Full Moon Rituals
  • Clean & organize your space, physically & virtually

  • Let go of perfectionism and allow things to be

  • Make your to-do lists & include rest!

  • Celebrate your daily successes

  • Drink extra water & eat fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Be in nature or connect to pets/animals

  • Express *extra* gratitude to co-workers, service workers, or employees

Sun enters Aries: Spring Equinox - March 20

Sunday, March 20 @ 11:33am

Sun enters Aries marks the Spring Equinox and beginning of the zodiac season! Equinox is “equal night” meaning there is the same amount of daylight as darkness. This marks the beginning of spring and the tropical

zodiac sign of Aries. With this being the first

sign of the zodiac, and the Sun’s exaltation, this is the *best* time for you, your physical body, and self expression. We will feel more assert, active, and enthusiastic during this solar transit. This is the perfect time to exercise, get outside, be spontaneous & impulsive, and begin a project!

Following the Sun’s ingress into Aries season is Mercury moving into Aries on March 27. With Mercury in Pisces in the beginning of the month, our mind and communication was more watered down with emotions. But now, we will have mental assertiveness to execute the task at hand. Our communication will be more direct and active. Possible arguments or fights could occur, but being assertive in communication could also be effective in trade and business. This could also be a great time to try out a new physical activity, like a sport or exercise routine.

Want to learn more about the upcoming transits in March and how they will affect you?

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The next Community Check-In is Sunday, March 27

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