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18° Cancer New Moon ~ July 9, 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Greetings Cosmic Being,

This month's New Moon is a true new moon as it's in her home sign of Cancer. New Moons are a time of new beginnings and setting intentions. This is a time when the Sun, our external source of creativity and expression, is together with the Moon, our internal reactions and feelings. This is an ultra intuitive time when we have an amazing opportunity to turn towards our emotions and really acknowledge the way we relate to them. Cancer is the cardinal water sign and is symbolized by the crab. Much like the crab, Cancer energy is quite defensive and hard on the exterior. This hardness develops as a protection mechanism because Cancer at its core is very soft and vulnerable. Much like the brave mother that would do anything to stand up for her children, Cancer is guarded and responds to the natural waves of feelings and instinctual reactions. With our inner & outer light together, this is the perfect lunation for turning towards our emotions and reflecting on our relationship with them.

This New Moon is connecting through a trine to Neptune and an opposition to Pluto. Both of these aspects will come more exact in the next few days, as the Sun in Cancer will move further through the zodiac and make the exact aspects. This shows us that this New Moon is a time where we may be internally planting seeds that will begin to show next week! Neptune adds to the intuitive, artistic and creative quality of this lunation. We may be feeling compassion and loving with this influence. Pluto is reflecting there is more looming power struggles, especially as it relates to our career, public image, responsibility, or parents. Try to use an triggers coming up as ways of transforming and elevating ourselves through acknowledging our emotions, comforts, and needs.

Want to learn more about this lunation in depth!?Join me for an evening of astrology, community, reflecting and meditation with this New Moon Workshop happening on July 9 at Scout's Coffee Bar in High Bridge, NJ. This event begins at 7:30 and will lead us to the exact moment of the New Moon!! Register at or pay when you come!

Sending you all love and many blessings <3



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