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Aquarius Full Moon 1° ~ July 23, 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Dearest cosmic being,

Each summer, we first begin the season in touch with our emotions as the Sun transits through sensitive and moody sign of Cancer. Then we really kick up the heat as we get into the middle of the summer and celebrate the Sun in it's home sign of Leo. This Leo season, we have a rare *double* Aquarius Full Moon, beginning and ending the solar season, bringing extra emphasis to fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius), as well as Saturn, who is currently in Aquarius. This first Full Moon is perfecting at 1°, which is the number of initiation, opportunity, and action. Aquarius itself is a Saturn ruled sign and relates to our sense of community, rebellion, and unique expression. When the Sun & Moon are in the full moon phase, they are always in opposite signs. Opposites are complementary and govern different ends of a spectrum of energy. While Leo has more to do with fun, pleasure, and personal creativity, Aquarius is more objective, inventive, and ready to break tradition.

We have the Moon illuminating the sky near Saturn, planet of challenge, obstacles and restrictions. This entire Leo season is going to bring a different perspective to the wider collective and personal challenges of 2021. In one area of life or another, we've all had particular restrictions that have been asking us to reinvent the way we approach life. Saturn in Aquarius is all about reconstructing our community, social network, dreams, aspirations, and ultimately the future. There could even be an emphasis on breaking tradition and embracing something new or unique. We could be seeking freedom and radical change within our life!

Join me next week for one of two opportunities for my August Astrology Forecast, and a sneak peak into the second Aquarius Full Moon next month! I'll be leading this workshop IN-PERSON at Scout's CoffeeBar in High Bridge, NJ on Friday, July 30, starting at 7pm, as well as VIRTUALLY on zoom through my website on Sunday, August 1 starting at 6:30pm. I hope you can join! <3

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