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Gemini Solar Eclipse 19° ~ June 10, 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Dear Cosmic Community,

This week we have an epic moment of NEW BEGINNINGS happening under the Gemini Solar Eclipse, exact on June 10, 2021 at 6:52am EST. The Sun, Moon, Mercury & North Node are all part of the cosmic conversation today, aligning in the mutable air sign of Gemini. Solar eclipses are a “super” new moon energy, so themes around new beginnings, fresh starts, and new opportunities are available. Eclipses bring in fated events, karmic lessons, and destiny. Because we have the North Node aligning these energies with the Sun, this is a powerful boost forward. We may be creating a new way to communicate, receive some new information or learning opportunity, or take on new skills or mental abilities. This could also be some new information that forces us to create a new pattern or way to move forward. Gemini is the sign of the twins and often brings a quality of double, duality, two parts or more!! So this Eclipse energy could be hitting us in two ways or bringing us two things.

This eclipse may actually be visible to us living in NJ and eastern US. Right after sunrise, we may notice the Sun a bit darker or a chunk taken out of it. The "ring of fire" will cross over Northwestern US, Canada, and Russia. Under this energy, we want to prioritize rest and care. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO MANIFEST BIG THINGS! This is a time to allow the universe to provide you the opportunities. We don't need to force or budge. And since Gemini is an air sign after all, we may need to really B R E A T H E and relax our thoughts. Journaling, writing, and communicating may be a good source of release. But remember to stay flexible and fluid. We have some other tense alignments stacking up right now and these are really testing our sense of stability and security moving forward. We will need to really PAY ATTENTION to the signs that come. Our answers may be presenting themselves... in pairs!!

Comment below any ECLIPSE manifestations! I'm waiting on... TWO... potential business contracts teaching kids yoga for my local community this summer, in which they told me would let me know by the "end of the week" Astrology is so exciting to observe in our life! Share your stories below!!

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Nora Cubberly
Nora Cubberly
Jun 10, 2021

Going to give your final question some thought. Thank you for the wonderful Lunar Letter, Cora!

- your Virgo friend :)

Replying to

Aww thanks so much Nora!!!

- your Capricorn friend :)

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