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Total Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius at 5°~ May 26, 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Greetings cosmic being and thank you for subscribing to my biweekly lunar letter. These emails are meant to guide and inspire you under the New & Full Moons each month. The very first lunar letter just so happens to fall on a powerful Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius.

Lunar Eclipses, especially when the Moon is conjunct the South Node, are a time of release and letting go, and often it's out of our control. This is a time where fate and destiny really take over. This Lunar Eclipse is happening at 5 degrees Sagittarius with the Sun opposite at 5 degrees Gemini. 5 is a powerful number of change. And this year 2021 just so happens to be a 5 universal year. With this Moon being illuminated by the Sun in Gemini, we may be needing do let go of some sort of contract or negotiation we've developed at this time. There could be significant changes to situations involving your siblings, relatives, neighbors or local community as well. It also could be involving our beliefs, morals, philosophy or sense of truth.

This Moon is in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. So while this may be a hard thing to let go of, I think we have a lot of opportunity to see the hope and change for our future. Currently, Jupiter is in its other home sign of Pisces, and this is a really good sign for this Lunar Eclipse! Pisces is the final sign and naturally represents endings and letting go, so the reception of the Moon and Jupiter seem very supportive. We can tap into the faith and hope that is available and know that the universe is setting us up for joy and expansion, even if in the moment it feels challenging and painful.

Eclipses last 3-6 months, so the events that go down this week will really be part of the story line for a while. Take notice of the themes and messages coming and remain open to the way the universe is pulling you. The next two weeks are going to continue to build upon this energy as we'll have another eclipse happening on June 10. Stay tuned for the next Lunar Letter all about that event!

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