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Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 25º

Dear cosmic beings,

This weekend, we are building up to an intense and dramatic total blood moon lunar eclipse in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. The lunar eclipse will begin building on Sunday around 10:15pm EST, peak on Monday at 12:13am, and finish around 2:10am. Eclipses, especially lunar eclipses, are a time of high energy, fated events, and karmic releases. This particular eclipse is super charged with the need to let go of toxins, release old wounds, and ultimately the urge to move towards self-transformation. The moon also has a hard time being in the sign of Scorpio. This is considered the moon's fall, aka the "most difficult" position of the moon. Not only is this lunar eclipse in a weakened moon placement, but the south node is closely conjunct the moon, making this a total lunar eclipse and that much more power & emphasis. The South Node represents our past, karmic ties, and what we need to release and move away from.

Exact Monday, May 16 @ 12:13am EST

This full moon eclipse has both challenging and beneficial aspects with other planets. We have a benefitting trine with Mars & Neptune in Pisces, which positively supports these profound energetic shifts with faith and a fighting spirit. The Sun & Moon are also tightly squaring Saturn, the buzz-killing planet of responsibilities, limitations and challenges. This will ask us to respond to this emotional release with maturity, patience, and accountability. With the Sun and Moon opposing each other, this will highlight two opposite sides of our life and often involve home, family or intimate relationships in your life. While the Sun is in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus, Venus is in Aries, conjoining the asteroid Chiron, aka the wounded healer. This is significant as our close relationships and self-values are even more emphasized and called upon to heal and release.

With this intense lunar eclipse, it's important you take some time for ritual, self-reflection and release. Use this Scorpio energy to dive into the deep waters of your inner thoughts and deepest fears and desires. Use the questions below to prompt your releasing process:

  • What is emotionally triggering you? Can you let go of the pain that you're reminded of?

  • Where in your life are you unstable? What is currently holding you back from security and stability?

  • What is emotionally draining or toxic in your life? What anger or resentment are you holding on to?

  • What fears are holding you back from making changes? What toxic habits am I holding on to?

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse ~ Rising Sign Horoscopes

Find out how this eclipse will affect you based on your rising sign! The signs are paired with their opposite signs because this eclipse is activating two areas of life. The house in which the Moon is in will show what area of life this energy will manifest, while the opposite house is where the Sun will be providing illumination for which this energy is coming from. Share in the comments below your rising sign and what you may be noticing in your own life!

Libra Rising 2nd House / Aries Rising 8th House

2nd house - income, values, personal property, material item, food, consuming

8th house - partner's finances, shared assets, death, inheritance, transformation

Scorpio Rising 1st House / Taurus Rising 7th House

1st house - self, identity, physical body, outlook on life, independence

7th house - the other, partnerships, marriage, open enemies, legal matters

Sagittarius Rising 12th House / Gemini Rising 6th House

12th house - self-undoing, self-sabotage, hidden enemies, retreat, spirituality

6th house - health, daily routine/rituals, co-workers, employees, pets

Capricorn Rising 11th House / Cancer Rising 5th House

11th house - friends, community, hopes, wishes, dreams, future

5th house - children, creativity, hobbies, fun, romance/dating

Aquarius Rising 10th House / Leo Rising 4th House

10th house - career, public reputation, highest achievements, father/authority

4th house - home, private life, family, roots, past, mother/ancestors

Pisces Rising 9th House / Virgo Rising 3rd House

9th house - higher education, religion/philosophy, foreign travels, long-distance trips

3rd house - siblings, relatives, neighbors, communication, short-distance trips

***To learn more about how this eclipse will fall in your chart, use the code Scorpio25 for 25% off a reading with one of our astrologers! Offer ends Monday, May 16 at 11:59pm EST.***

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